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Bella Cera Hardwood Sales in Cedar Rapids

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Stepping Stones sells and installs Bella Cera hardwood flooring to homeowners in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area. See what to expect from the process - from after the sale, to installation and ongoing maintenance. We're dedicated to giving you the best value for flooring near you - and remember, we're willing to try and match competitor pricing!

Artisan-crafted, Authentic Hand-scraped Flooring

Many hardwood flooring brands mislead customers by claiming their products are "hand-scraped" when in fact they are scraped by untrained workers using machines. This creates a machine-made, repetitive pattern which could be unappealing when spread across an entire living room. Bella Cera flooring artisans are trained by a master to read each piece of wood, determine its character, and use the right tools and techniques to bring out those features. There is no machine or assembly line, and no two boards are the same. Consumers should compare true hand-scraped hardwood flooring to machine-scraped hardwood flooring to see the difference for themselves.

Bella Cera Floor Finish

The quality of the finish is essential to preserving the beauty and character of wood flooring. Bella Cera has partnered with Valspar to create a durable, environmentally friendly, aluminum oxide-based finish that will protect the wood while still showcasing its beauty. The finish is crystal clear, hard, and has UV protection to guard against discoloration due to sun exposure.

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