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Engineered Floors Carpet Sales in Cedar Rapids

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Stepping Stones sells and installs Engineered Floors carpet to homeowners in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area. See what to expect from the process - from after the sale, to installation and ongoing maintenance. We're dedicated to giving you the best value for flooring near you - and remember, we're willing to try and match competitor pricing!

Modern Carpet with PureColor 

The PureColor brand of solution-dyed fiber is the go-to for residential carpets. This fiber is special because the color runs through it from end to end, like a carrot, so it won't fade, wear off, or stain. This makes for a beautiful, vibrant, and long-lasting color that won't have any inconsistencies or issues when matching. Each fiber is equipped with Soilshield, a soil and stain protection which is not only on the surface of each fiber, but is also embedded within each fiber.

Carpet You Can Trust

When properly installed and taken care of, these carpets will look newer and be more attractive for longer. All DreamWeaver carpets are guaranteed against discoloration, staining, dirt, wear, production issues, and texture loss. Many are also safeguarded from pet stains. 

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