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Portercraft Hardwood Sales in Cedar Rapids


Stepping Stones sells and installs Portercraft hardwood flooring to homeowners in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area. See what to expect from the process - from after the sale, to installation and ongoing maintenance. We're dedicated to giving you the best value for flooring near you - and remember, we're willing to try and match competitor pricing!

Last A Lifetime With Proper Care

When it comes to cleaning wood floors, proper care and maintenance is key in order to ensure the floors last a lifetime. It is important to understand which floor cleaning products to use and avoid, as well as knowing the difference between cleaning engineered and solid wood floors. As for how often to mop wood floors, this depends on how much foot traffic the floor receives.

How To Clean Your Wood Floors

To clean your wood floors, first sweep away any dust and debris using a dry microfiber dusting pad, soft bristle broom, or vacuum (without beater bar). Then, for any tough spots, use a damp rag to clean them by hand. Next, spray the cleaning solution across the area to be cleaned or directly to the cleaning pad, and mop the area with the microfiber pad. If cleaning a larger area, rinse out or replace the pad as it gets dirty. When finished, rinse the cleaning pad with warm, soapy water and hang it to let dry. Alternatively, you can put the pad in the washing machine, but do not use fabric softener as it will contaminate the fibers.

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