Keeping the tradition with hardwood flooring.

Install perfect hardwood floors for your home.

The hardwood flooring options we offer at Stepping Stones, in Cedar Rapids, IA deliver unmatched beauty, durability, structural strength and overall longevity to your home or commercial space. Hardwood flooring is in a class by itself. Not only are hardwood floors natural products that look gorgeous, but they're also timelessly elegant and add value to your home's worth.

We ensure all of the hardwood floors that we offer are quality made and we offer a variety of price points to fit in your project's budget. You'll be able to get the perfect hardwood floor for your living space while staying on budget and working with professionals that will ensure long-lasting, beautiful results.

If you're looking to buy high quality hardwood flooring at the lowest cost, Stepping Stones near you in Cedar Rapids is the best choice for two huge reasons - you can buy and get installation all in one place AND we are willing to price match our local competitors!

Cinnamon Maple

Natural Oak

Rustic Oak

Vintage Maple